Pre workout supplements are stimulants often formulated from herbal and other compounds that are taken before a work out session to give the body a boost of energy. Strenuous and intense work outs drain the body of most of its energy. Besides keeping energy levels in check, these supplements assist in maintaining maximum concentration during the workout, increase muscle strength and keep fatigue at bay.

These supplements are primarily intended for athletes such as bodybuilders that undergo regular tough workout programs that expose them to physical and mental energy exhaustion. However, anyone else undertaking normal work outs can also use them.

Main ingredients

workoutThe main components of the pre workout supplements vary from one brand to the other. One is at liberty to choose the specific type of ingredients needed based on the goals expected at the end of the workout schedule.

How these supplements work is dependent on the main ingredients they are made of with the primary function being energy boost, increased circulation, increased concentration and muscle build up among others.

These ingredients and their general benefits are:


This is an effective ingredient that stimulates the nervous system thereby improving concentration, focus and minimizes fatigue. It basically caters for the endurance seen in most power athletes that makes them stay on course with strenuous training.


This puffs up muscles with sufficient water to give them the energy pump necessary for the workout. It minimizes dehydration of tissues and dilates blood vessels during the intense muscle activity.


This is a vital fat component that serves as blood sugar reserves. Just like creatine, this ingredient hydrates the muscles and dilates blood vessels during intense training thereby contributing to endurance and lack of fatigue.

Amino acids

There is a variety of amino acids formulated into these supplements. One is Arginine which is metabolized into Nitric Oxide, a compound vital for vascularity and increasing muscle pump necessary to keep up with the workout.

There is also beta-Alanine which is metabolized into carnosine, a compound that improves muscle regeneration, increase muscle strength and keeps fatigue at bay.

The best pre workout supplements

preworkoutsupplementsThese best supplements are determined by their performance. Athletes go for quality supplements with good review, well researched products that guarantee definite results.

Below are some of the best pre workout supplements:

1. Cellucor C4 Extreme

This is a well rounded supplement powder that besides its main ingredient of creatine nitrate exhibits the benefits of L-arginine, beta-Alanine.

Its features and benefits include:

  • Creatine Nitrate – cause vasodilation; increases blood circulation and muscle strength
  • It has a special advanced Nitrate delivery and absorption system.
  • Instant creatine power which boost energy to sustain workout
  • beta-Alanine endurance with increased concentration on workout

Flavors: strawberry, lemon, orange

Cost: $30

2. MusclePharm Assault

This increases muscle power, improves concentration and endurance during workouts with an ultimate formation of strong pumps.

Its features are:

  • Creatine – improves water absorption keeping dehydration at bay. It also improves muscle regeneration, healing and formation of muscle pumps
  • Beta alanine other amino acids blend well to boost energy and muscle growth
  • Advanced Nitrate delivery and absorption
  • Caffeine which improves focus on training

Flavors: Grape, lemon, orange, watermelon

Cost: $27

3. Betancourt Bullnox Andorush

This is one of the most sought pre workout supplements because of its unique testosterone boost besides a host of other benefits.

Its features are:

  • Improved vascularity and muscle pump growth
  • Beta alanine endurance that sustains intense work out without fatigue
  • The unique Testosterone boost which brings aggressiveness and endurance
  • Multiple amino acids that increases muscle growth, healing and regeneration

Flavors: Orange. Raspberry, Grape

Cost: $27

4. Cardio Igniter

This is a top notch supplement that is a faithful companion for high intensity or extreme training where a lot of energy is expended.

It is meant to boost fatty acid metabolism when the blood sugar is depleted during intense workouts. This increases muscle energy, improves concentration and ultimately brings endurance to cope up with such program.

The utilization of fat deposits during these workouts in turn improves muscle build up; leaving the body lean after it rids it of fat.

Flavors: Raspberry, watermelon

Cost: $25

What to consider when buying supplements

  1. Check for ingredients that suit your needs; for muscle healing, mass go for amino acids. Go for creatine and glycerol rich supplements for energy and caffeine-rich for concentration.
  2. Check and research well to avoid purchasing counterfeit supplements.
  3. Consult with your trainer to determine what supplements will suit you most.
  4. They are meant to boost results after training so don’t believe miracle effects straight out of the box.

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